Назад к списку

20.01.2020. Meet LoReTT at BETT 2020 in London!

Bett is the first industry show of the year in the education technology landscape, bringing together over 800 leading companies, more than 100 new EdTech startups and over 34,000 attendees. 

Exhibition is taking place in London from January 22 till January 25, 2020.This year “LoReTT” LLC will join this event for the first time. We are going to demonstrate our LoReTT satellite antenna in 1/5 of its natural size and show how useful it can be for learners. It would also be exciting to participate in a short quiz “Discover UK from space”. 

People from over 146 countries will come together to find inspiration and discuss the future of education, as well as see how technology and innovation enables educators and learners to thrive.See you at BETT 2020!