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22.02.2018 "LoReTT" Company acted as a partner of the Olympiad NTI-2018  

The Olympics of the National Technological Initiative (NTI) are team engineering competitions of schoolchildren. Participants of the Olympics in the team selection round decide the real engineering tasks, and in the course of the full-time finals they try their hand at solving the problems of the industry with help of modern engineering equipment. "Lorett" Company acted as a partner of the Olympiad NTI-2018. Read more>>> 

8 Olympiad profiles are included in the list of Olympiads of the Russian Council of School Olympiads, the whole competitions are conducted on 17 profiles, including: communication systems and remote sensing systems (Space systems), autonomous transport systems, unmanned aerial systems, large data and machine training, water unmanned systems, engineering biological systems, intelligent robotic systems, wireless technologies, software engineering of financial technologies, nanotechnologies, neurotechnologies and others. The first qualifying stage for each of the profiles includes tests on two or more subjects from the list: mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science. 

 The goal of the NTI Olympiad is to identify gifted engineers among schoolchildren and involve them in educational programs aimed at implementing the presidential program of the National Technological Initiative.

Reference: NTI Olympiad is held since 2016. In the first launch of the STI Olympiad, 4,500 schoolchildren from 85 regions took part, 85 of them reached the final. In 2018, the number of participants was 20,032 schoolchildren from 85 regions of Russia and several CIS countries, 2,600 entered the team qualifying stage. 650 of them, divided into 220 teams, will compete for prizes in the finals of various profiles. Prizewinners and winners of the NTI Olympiad receive 100 Unated State Exam points for the chosen subject and other preferences for admission to the leading engineering universities of the country.