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04.08.2020. The Impact of the Covid-19 on the Venture Investment in the Global Space Technology (Seraphim Space Index Q2 2020)

The Q2 2020 total investment was $672m including $346m investment into SpaceX. Compared to Q2 2019, which also included a sizeable SpaceX investment, the Q2 20 investment saw an increase of 12%. 

From a sector category perspective Launch remained the focus for VC investors totalling $1.35bn over the year, up by 7% Y-o-Y (Year-over-Year). Also ahead was investment into companies that undertake Analysis of satellite data which nearly doubled to $235m. Companies that incorporate satellite data into their Products nearly tripled to $464m. Headline investment into satellite constellations fell by 46% to $901m. The hardest hit category was Build, the companies making components and/or building satellites which fell by 57% to $83m. 

Regionally, total investment into US based companies fell by 20% Y-o-Y to $2.29bn. However, after removing the OneWeb outlier US investment actually increased by a healthy 43%. Investors stepped up their commitment to European companies increasing their Y-o-Y investment by 56% to $276m followed by Asian companies accessing 25% more investment across the year totalling $531m. 

Overall the spacetech sector has demonstrated resilience in the face of Covid according to Seraphim Space Index research.  

Source: https://seraphimcapital.co.uk/insight/news/seraphim-space-index-q2-2020-sector-showing-resilience