12.07.2018. For the first time image of high resolution was received from the "Aist-2D" satellite by Russian Laboratory complex for satellite monitoring "LoReTT"

Image of high resolution from the Russian satellite "Aist-2D" (in Russian it means bird “a stork”) was received by the Laboratory complex for satellite monitoring "LoReTT" (LoReTT - Local Real Time Tool). The spacecraft "Aist-2D" transmitted data of the territory of Perth city (Australia) on June 15, 2018. It was the first time when such detailed image (spatial resolution of 2 m) of the Earth from space acquired on antenna that does not have rotational device traditional for such technologies, and instead of this feed is moved above the fixed antenna dish. This approach made it possible to simplify the design of the antenna, making it more mobile, universal and substantially cheaper than analogues. Note that previously, low resolution data was successfully received from Terra and Aqua satellites. 

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23.03.2018. Engineering company "LoReTT" became the resident of the "Skolkovo" innovation center

On March 23, 2018, the innovative start-up "LoReTT" was included in the register of participants in the project for the creation and operation of the “Skolkovo” Innovation Center under # 1122098. Since that time, the engineering company "LoReTT" is a full participant of this project for the cluster "Space Technologies and Telecommunications". The activities of the Skolkovo project participants are regulated by the Federal Law No. 244-FZ of September 28, 2010 "On the Skolkovo Innovation Center”. The application for participation in the “Skolkovo” Innovation Center project was submitted to the "Complex with fixed antenna reflector for receiving data from low orbital Earth observation satellites", which was named LoReTT (Local Real Time Tool). 

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22.02.2018 "LoReTT" Company acted as a partner of the Olympiad NTI-2018  

The Olympics of the National Technological Initiative (NTI) are team engineering competitions of schoolchildren. Participants of the Olympics in the team selection round decide the real engineering tasks, and in the course of the full-time finals they try their hand at solving the problems of the industry with help of modern engineering equipment. "Lorett" Company acted as a partner of the Olympiad NTI-2018. Read more>>> 

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15.02.2018. Our website is now open! 

Dear Colleagues! 

We are glad to welcome you to our website! Now you can be in the course of our news, new projects and actions. We will be glad for your offers for website development and interest to cooperate. Contact us via "Contacts" section or Feedback Form. 

Team of "LoReTT" LLC 

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